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Summer Time Nordic Sports - Give it a Try on a Pair of Skikes Today

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Wouldn't it be great to get roller skiing in the UK as popular as this - hopefully this will inspire a few to take it up - check out for a list of clubs in the UK - hopefully one near you.

Posted by British Nordic Ski Team on Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Al on SkisMy name is Alan Hough and am one of the owners of  Skike Pennsylvania. Over the past year, I've spent about 500 hours Skiken along over 3,000 miles of trails and roads, enjoying the time immensely.  Recently, I traveled to Germany, to learn more about the sport and become a certified Skike Trainer.  Through Skike Pennsylvania, I hope to spread some of my love of the outdoors and great fondness of endurance based sports to others. 

A little bit about my past… I started running as a middle school student in McKeesport, Pennsylvania and competed in Cross Country and Track at Elizabeth Forward High School and Cross Country at California University of Pennsylvania. Upon graduation from Cal State, I picked up the sport of Cross Country Skiing, an outdoor activity that soon became my favorite.

With the lack of consistently good winters in Pennsylvania, I found myself and wife traveling to find good snow during most winters. It brought us to many beautiful ski areas, such as Lake Placid, Art Roscoe, Ottawa, Temagame, Stokely Creek, Mont Tremblant, Crystal Mountain (MI), Marquette, and Traverse City, along with a few great places in Western Pennsylvania like Oil Creek, Wilderness Lodge, and the Laurel Ridge.

As my running declined, I found myself biking and roller blading to stay in shape for ski season, but nothing seemed to quiet get me ready for the amount of skiing that I tried to do during the winter season. Then came a new sport, for new fun, related to xc skiing, Skiken.