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Summer Time Nordic Sports - Give it a Try on a Pair of Skikes Today

Alliansloppet 2015 Start

Wouldn't it be great to get roller skiing in the UK as popular as this - hopefully this will inspire a few to take it up - check out for a list of clubs in the UK - hopefully one near you.

Posted by British Nordic Ski Team on Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Early SkikeBack in the late 1990’s Austrian Otto Eder had the idea of developing a skating device that could be used on a variety of surfaces and different terrains. His first device had large air-filled wheels and was called the Megarun. After some work on prototypes, the modern Skike was first manufactured around 2000. Today, Skike Sports International Ltd. oversees the design and manufacturing of Skikes, with high attention to detail and quality, making an excellent product for enjoyable outdoor fitness experience that is close to the sport of  Cross Country Skiing and its benefits, without the need of snow and coldness.