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Summer Time Nordic Sports - Give it a Try on a Pair of Skikes Today

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Wouldn't it be great to get roller skiing in the UK as popular as this - hopefully this will inspire a few to take it up - check out for a list of clubs in the UK - hopefully one near you.

Posted by British Nordic Ski Team on Tuesday, August 25, 2015

skikecoupleOne of the great reasons to Skike is that it is fun. It allows you to zip along trails like a human powered Segway, getting a good workout and enjoying the great outdoors. It is a great all-round exercise similar to cross-country roller skiing, but with the benefits of a great braking system and the ability to roll a variety of different surfaces. The secret of Skike's off-road capabilities lies in its profiled pneumatic tires. They can easily be inflated and allow athletes to explore all types of terrain while protecting their joints. With Skike, 90 percent of your muscles are engaged, providing a fun, and complete workout.