Bucks Run- Huron Meadows Park

Bucks Run Trail – Outside the clubhouse

Huron Meadows Buck Run Trail has become one of my favorite trails to ski on for a couple of reasons.  One, they are very likely to have snow. Two, they have a great staff providing the best possible conditions on the trail and great support from the local xc ski group, Nordic Ski Racer.

Located on the outskirts of Detroit, close to Brighton, you would not expect to find good snow, but a dedicated park staff creates a couple of large piles of manmade snow and spreads it out on the roughly 1.5 mile Bucks Run Trail as needed throughout the winter.  The Detroit area is not in the snow belt region of Michigan, but the Bucks Run Trail is probably had the most skiable number of days in the lower peninsula over the past few years. When they get natural snow, they have a few extra miles of trails, which they groom in addition to the Bucks Run trail.

Each year, in early January, the park along with the Nordic Ski Racer

A few Pennsylvania skiers at the Frosty Freestyle awards ceremony.

sponsor a weekend race series with a 5k and 15k freestyle race on Saturday (Frosty Freestyle), and an 8k and 12k race on Sunday Krazy Klassic.  Helping promote xc skiing throughout Michigan, the Michigan Cup race series has been developed.  Both of these races are part of the series; There are six or seven current Michigan Cup teams, all willing to accept more team members as they try to earn points for some of the covet season awards.

Bucks Run Trail
A wooded section of the Bucks Run trail.

With Forbush Corners (Fredric, MI) adding snowmaking this winter, there will now be three areas that I know of in the lower peninsula of Michigan that will have some trails with manmade snow.  There, Cross Country Ski Headquarters in Roscommon, MI and here on Huron Meadows Buck Run Trail.  My hopes that more areas will consider adding this option as it is always nice to know there will be some snow to ski on during the days of winter.



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