Roller Ski Races

Year Round Nordic is starting a list of roller ski races across the United States.  A second table will list a couple of races from outside the United States so one can see how the sport has evolved overseas.   Feel free to comment with additional ones you know of.

Roller Ski Races in the United States

App Gap Challenge 5k women 7k men August 3, 2019 Waitsfield, Vermont
Ringer Roll 10k August 9, 2019 Minneapolis, Mn
Maybury State Park Time Trial 6/12k August 3. 2019 Northville, MI
Millennium Park Time Trial 10k August 24, 2019 Grand Rapids
North Shore Rollerski Marathon 21k/42k September 14, 2019 Duluth, MN
Lake Placid Doubleday 3k, 1.5k September 14, 2019 Lake Placid, NY
Climb to the Castle Skate Race 5 miles September 15, 2019 Lake Placid, NY
NENSA Free Fall Rollerski 5k, 10k October 12, 2019 Jericho, VT
The Maine Event-Agility Sprint Festival 400 meters

agility loop

October 27, 2019 New Gloucester, ME
NENSA Trapp Invitational 10k November 2, 2019 Stowe, VT

A Small Selection Roller Ski Races Outside the United States

Alliansloppet 16k,32k,48k August 17, 2019 Gothenburg
Blink Classic 60k ,50k, 20k, 14k July 31, 2019 Norway

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