Sovereign Lake Nordic Center

Enjoying the Tranquility of Sovereign Lake

Last July I decided that I would like to get an early start to the Nordic winter season and started doing some research on early snow locations in North America to XC ski.  I narrowed it down to two places.  The two finalists were Menihek Nordic Ski Club and the Sovereign Lake Nordic Center.  Both were early training locations for National Ski Teams.  After looking at travel arrangements, we chose Sovereign Lake and travel arrangements made.

November 8th quickly arrived, and my wife and I flew out to Vancouver, British Columbia from Pittsburgh, PA.   There we spent a couple of days sightseeing, as it was our first trip to the area.   We then rented a Jeep Cherokee and left on a drive through the mountains of British Columbia on our way to Kelowna Valley where we would be staying during our week of skiing.

During the week, the temperature in the valley was in the mid-40s.  The temperature dropped as elevation increased on our daily drive to the Nordic Center.  There the conditions were perfect for XC skiing with temperatures around 28F degrees and little to no wind.  The trails, like Art Roscoe at Alleghany State Park, are well designed and maintained allowing one to ski with a little less effort.

Sovereign Lake Practice Area

The practice area at Sovereign Lake was the nicest I’ve seen anywhere.  There were 10 or so tracks set with enough space in between to skate for a length of 200 or so meters.  Many skiers enjoyed working on skiing technique in this area.  The terrain varied with some very challenging hills on some trails, and others with gradual hills mixed in with some flat sections.  My wife was a little concerned about whether the area would be within her ability level, but found that they had plenty of trails open in her ability level and loved the temperate climate of the region.  I enjoyed those trail along with some more challenging trails, skiing more miles than I had ever skied in a week. We are both excited about a return trip for some early and maybe even some late-season skiing in the future.

Sovereign Lake – Along the Trail



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