Summer Biathalon

Oil City Biathlon, Oil Creek State Park

The Biathlon is generally considered a wintertime sport where the athletes ski a certain distance, shoot at five targets from a prone position, ski a certain distance again, shoot at another set of targets from a standing position, and repeat that certain distance a third time.  Mixed in are a few penalty loops for each target missed.  A challenging sport.

Over the years, a dry land version has evolved where one runs, instead of skiing.  In Pennsylvania, there is an association, The Pennsylvania Biathlon Club for such events.  The past few years, our local Nordic ski area, Oil Creek Park has hosted one of the events.  With equipment provided by the Pennsylvania Biathlon Club and volunteer help from The Friends of Oil Creek Park, approximately 100 summertime bi-athletes compete on the parks Nordic ski trails.  This year’s race at Oil Creek is scheduled for August 10.  More information is available at the  Oil Creek Biathlon. 


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